Wiki says “Ni” to GYG

gygremovedAmusing development today… Graveyard Girls is not welcome at Wikipedia. Less than 20 minutes after the information was posted, it was marked for deletion.

Amusingly enough, plenty of other modeling related publications seem to have a Wiki listing, but ours has been deemed objectionable. We didn’t even get far enough to upload any photos.

How will we go on without them? Oh! This is tragic! Maybe next time we will present to them, a shrubbery. “Ni!”

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Alienware Alpha – Big possibility, or big hype?

PC gaming is not a new concept. It has been around as long as computers have been in homes, and the options are endless. The quality of gameplay compared to consoles can be very impressive with the right combination of graphics cards and processing power, so why is Alienware now pitching to the console market?Steam

At first glance, the Alpha looks like a console. It isn’t. The machine is till a PC, and is prone to all of the glitches known to come with a PC. Within the main operating environment, you’ll also find Steam, ( which can currently be installed to many of the modern Windows, Linux, and Mac OS based machines.

So what makes the Alpha stand out? From what we can see, nothing beyond the plastic case.

After a little digging into the specs of each model, the machine doesn’t really feature anything of real value. Aside from the graphics card, my own 2010 iMac boasts nearly the same specs, and does currently have Steam installed. Current models of my machine would exceed the hardware of even the highest quality model, and I can even install Windows as needed to gain access to other titles that do not currently support Mac OS.

Does it have any benefit to serious PC gamers?

I’d have to say no. It appears to be strictly an attempt to lure in console gamers. Existing PC gamers are very unlikely to be interested, especially those that like to build their own machines. I personally would opt for a higher end PC, and just install Steam.

What about controllers?

Again, it can be done without the Alpha. Xbox 360 controllers are becoming very affordable since the release of Xbox One, and can be used on a home computer.

If you want to enter the world of Steam and PC gaming, do some research. Chances are you’ll find a better value in a machine with more power.

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Where does the glue on produce stickers come from?

Hi folks, and welcome to the first ever article for the new “Coffee Twitch” series. As some of you know, MonsterCon opened Con Cafe just last August, and I personally have not seen a day without espresso since then. webcafe2

What’s the side effect? A lot of pondering, usually on subjects that are not remotely important. Here’s one of them.

Today’s question: Where does the glue on produce stickers come from?

Most people will never give this a second thought, but there’s a reason I’m asking. Glue is very well known from originating as animal material, specifically fat. I’m sure all of you have heard about the horse headed for the glue factory. Oh, the terror!

Well, if the glue is sourced from animal material, what does that say for produce? In theory, doesn’t this mean that the cucumber you just added to a salad is part meat? What the hell does this mean for vegetarians?!?! (I sincerely hope none of you just lost your lunch.) Additionally, what does this mean for those of you that lead a kosher dietary lifestyle?

While this question is not remotely important to the majority of people, I think some of you may really want to know the answer. For now, it’s time for another double-shot. Be sure to wash your vegetables!


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Update on the upcoming Graveyard Girls photo shoots

Since the announcement of reviving both Stiff and Graveyard Girls was made less than a week ago, there have been numerous questions about who will be shooting the series. The most specific has been if any of the shoots will be handled by the original creator.

Well, I am here to chime in on this right now…

As much as I would love to do some of these shoots, it is not possible. The original form of this magazine came to an unexpected halt in 2014 following a major spinal injury that nearly took away my ability to walk. Of the 24 vertebrae in the human spine, I have 4 that are at major risk of collapse, and 1 that has already collapsed. I will not be returning to any graveyards in the near future, much less with the weight of camera gear. I’m fortunate to have restored most of my mobility, but this is just not something I can risk doing again.

This concept will remain in hands that are far more capable than my own. Some artists work better with professionals. Others are great with amateurs. I hope you all share the same enthusiasm with them that you have shown me. Announcements will begin soon.

To those of you that asked, thank you. It means a lot to know there’s still people out there that remember what I’ve done.

~Shane 3/19/2015

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MonsterCon defies the all mighty Wizard World

In a recent announcement by Wizard World, Greenville, South Carolina will be the next location of a show launch for July of 2016. There’s only one problem. There’s already a July show in the upstate of South Carolina, and it is ours!2015plhold

For the last 2 years, MonsterCon has called Greenville home, and announced a move to Gaffney last year following the announcement of a 2015 Wizard World event in Greenville. The show was planned for May, and initially forced another upstate South Carolina event to shift to a March booking. Wizard World has since “postponed” the event for 2016 launch.

MonsterCon has responded via Facebook:

“To answer current speculation on if MonsterCon will still be booking for July in 2016, yes we will. No matter when or where another show books in the upstate of SC, July is still the month we will be booking.”

MonsterCon’s new location in Gaffney is roughly 45 minutes away from Greenville, and will have a major advantage on local promotions compared to the traveling giant. It is also in the process of opening it’s own dedicated venue for MonsterCon as well as other shows.

Wizard World may need to get some boxing gloves for this round.

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Jason goes soft in reaction to DC’s Batgirl fan reaction

(Authored by those that remain completely anonymous. This article is completely bogus. You know it, and we know it. Please don’t sue us if it hurts your feelings..)

We have been following the news of DC’s Batgirl over the last day, noticing that many fans are not happy with the decision to remove the variant cover for Batgirl #41. The decision was made citing “threats of violence and harassment.”

Fans of the horror world may also be in for a slight shock, as the beloved Jason character may be next in the crosshairs. Historically, Jason has had a high volume of female victims, but perhaps it is time for a change. For this scenario, we have an idea!

Since the series is due for a complete re-launch… Let’s take on this really dumb concept.

Imagine for a moment that the cast of Dirty Dancing joins together for a reunion, only at Crystal Lake! Woah! What???

Jason is there, but not as the deceased child in the water. Oh no. He’s there as a counselor! Following the drowning of his mother in the lake, young Jason joins the camp staff to help sensitive children, or middle-aged adults mourning the loss of Patrick Swayze.

This is sure to be a complete tearjerker. Maybe it’ll happen soon!

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Big news on back issues!

Every article Stiffmag ever offered in print from 2010-2014 will soon be available here for your enjoyment. Look for all of our old content to become available over the next few weeks.

Of course, all of the old issues are still available in print. If you want them, please feel free to visit Amazon.

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Yes, we are back!

Confirm it folks!

The official re-launch of the Graveyard Girls branding was planned to take place under the banner of Con Culture Magazine, but that concept has been shelved for now. Instead, Stiff Magazine is returning, and Graveyard Girls along with it.

What’s the scope of Stiff Magazine?

Entertainment has always been the scope. We started by covering live music over 15 years ago as “Box-13 Webzine.” This will be no different. Concerts, conventions, games, movies, and television are all part of the scope.

Where will I be able to find it?

Online, for FREE, from your computer or mobile device. How easy is that? We may offer some printed materials as well. Since it is all part of MonsterCon, LLC, it will be added to the main website.

Do you need writers?

Absolutely! This has always been, and will always be, a community effort. Submission information is coming soon.

What is Graveyard Girls?

Graveyard Girls was originally a network of amateur models and photography hobbyists that started in 2001, and became a side feature of our original publication in 2002. D. Shane Trotter developed the concept, and it covered North and South Carolina, Georgia, and Tennessee.

In 2005 it became it’s own website as, and evolved into Stiff Magazine at the end of 2009. It was available as a print magazine worldwide. The revival of Comics & Toys MonsterCon in 2012 absorbed Stiff Magazine and the Graveyard Girls branding into the new formation of MonsterCon, LLC.

Future plans will be a combination of both the amateur level we started with, and the professional level models we featured in Stiff. As it was across both versions, costuming and wardrobe will be the main scope.

Announcements are coming soon to detail authorized photographers for the Graveyard Girls branding.

See you at the graveyard!

D. Shane Trotter

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