AMC’s Fear The Walking Dead

It’s only been a few weeks since AMC premiered the companion series for The Walking Dead, and you know we have been watching. I personally went in with no expectations of the new series, but it has been a pleasant surprise. maxresdefault

With the launch of any new show comes a few bumps. There’s also the fun of the buildup. The world is not yet consumed by the outbreak, so there are very few of the dead walking around. To some, this might be a problem, and discourage folks from tuning in. It’s also an assumption that the show is about zombies. It isn’t.

Much like the original series, it is a story of survivors. We have had zombie films for decades, and television has been all but devoured by them in the last few years. (No pun intended…)

Honestly, we don’t need another show that is nonstop zombie from start to finish. It’s television, and that type of show just wouldn’t survive. The dialogue would also really suck. (Remember, the dead don’t get lines…

If you have concerns over the slow approach to the mass destruction, the storm is coming. Longevity is the goal of any television product. Let’s face it. Instant gratification is not for TV. Movies exist to fill that 2 hours or less appetite.

Get to know your characters, and you will appreciate them for it later. It could also be helpful to snack on some beef jerky while viewing, if you absolutely need constant devouring of flesh. You never know when you might become one of them. Just remember to chew your food before you swallow.

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