Where does the glue on produce stickers come from?

Hi folks, and welcome to the first ever article for the new “Coffee Twitch” series. As some of you know, MonsterCon opened Con Cafe just last August, and I personally have not seen a day without espresso since then. webcafe2

What’s the side effect? A lot of pondering, usually on subjects that are not remotely important. Here’s one of them.

Today’s question: Where does the glue on produce stickers come from?

Most people will never give this a second thought, but there’s a reason I’m asking. Glue is very well known from originating as animal material, specifically fat. I’m sure all of you have heard about the horse headed for the glue factory. Oh, the terror!

Well, if the glue is sourced from animal material, what does that say for produce? In theory, doesn’t this mean that the cucumber you just added to a salad is part meat? What the hell does this mean for vegetarians?!?! (I sincerely hope none of you just lost your lunch.) Additionally, what does this mean for those of you that lead a kosher dietary lifestyle?

While this question is not remotely important to the majority of people, I think some of you may really want to know the answer. For now, it’s time for another double-shot. Be sure to wash your vegetables!


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