About Us

Graveyard Girls was originally a network of amateur models and photography hobbyists that started in 2001, and became a side feature of our original publication in 2002. D. Shane Trotter developed the concept, and it covered North and South Carolina, Georgia, and Tennessee.












In 2005 it became it’s own website as graveyardgirls.net, and evolved into Stiff Magazine at the end of 2009. It was available as a print magazine worldwide. The revival of Comics & Toys MonsterCon in 2012 absorbed Stiff Magazine and the Graveyard Girls branding into the new formation of MonsterCon, LLC.







Future plans will be a combination of both the amateur level we started with, and the professional level models we featured in Stiff. As it was across both versions, costuming and wardrobe will be the main scope.