Where were you when the world ended?

4510298485_ef6e22dfba_nI’m quite sure most of you reading that title are wondering what I’m smoking. No, this isn’t a pun. This isn’t a humorous article. I’m deadly serious.

Sure, the earth still spins, the sun still rises, and we all have to go to work. Still, the world has ended, at least for humanity. We are not really here. Not anymore.

This is the age of instant gratification. We are producing more information than ever before in human history. We are creating more than any other point in human history. The problem isn’t what we are doing, but more how we dispose of things so quickly. Nothing is important enough to keep.

When did the world come to an end? I’m not quite sure, and most of the population seems oblivious. Nobody builds things to last. In fact, even trivial things have fallen victim. There’s barely any evidence, other than garbage, that we are even here.

There’s no great monuments to our time period. There’s not even much in regard to printed photographs. Seriously, think about it. When is the last time you printed a photo to keep? Have you ever printed a photo at all?

Sure, there is a lot of information. There’s more information than ever before in our history. None of it is kept. All of it is replaced with newer information in a short period of time. Sensational topics sometimes last a bit longer, at least until the next sensational topic arrives.

Magazines, newspapers, books, and even music have all fallen victim to the digital age. More victims will follow. Let the wind blow, and the evidence of our existence will just float away.

photo credit: Hazey daze via photopin (license)

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