Staying highly caffeinated is an art form

Some people want just a “plain” cup of coffee. To me, coffee is anything but plain. The magical cherry seed is just as complex as wine, and can host a wide variety of flavors. Cheap coffee, like cheap wine, needs a lot of sugar to mask the bitter taste.

That’s where the syphon comes in.

What the hell is a syphon? I’m glad you asked…

A syphon coffee is brewed under vacuum pressure. Water is heated, just like any other cup of joe, but it brews by cooling the water source. The bottom bowl creates a vacuum, which pulls the water through the grounds, instead of just letting water fall through.

As the temperatures reduce, a wide variety of flavors are extracted. This allows for a very balanced flavor, and sometimes a hint of the cherry that created the beans.

Why would anyone ever want a “plain” cup of joe again?

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