The NEW console wars – lightweight, or future heavy hitter?

Next gen gaming is a term that seems to never die. Even as the newest tech releases, there’s always another lurking around the corner. It never ends.

Then there’s new entertainment tech… In recent years, televisions have changed. They have become much more than the old clunky box in the corner. They’ve become “smart,” and “connected,” leading to a whole new world of possibilities. There’s also the add-on features, two of which we will focus on in this article.

Amazon Fire TV Gaming Edition

51iggWRpOgL._SL1000_This device is scheduled for release on October 5, and is planned to include a controller that very much resembles a current console controller. It also utilizes a pre-existing library of games available from Amazon, courtesy of Amazon’s previous tablet offerings.

In short, this means mobile games.

While we don’t expect the level of detail present in some of the top dog dedicated consoles, it would be safe to assume that is only a minor time restraint. Tech doesn’t slow down.

This is a streaming box, with micro SD connectivity, 2 GHz processor, 2 Gb of memory, and a dedicated GPU. Amazon has put some serious thought into this little device, and it has great potential to attract game developers. (Also note, the tablet offerings already have developers…)

The NEW Apple TV

The Apple TV is a device that has been lurking around for quite some time. Earlier machines contained storage, which was removed a few years ago. The new machine brings back storage options, and adds support for 3rd party controllers, and an app store.

apple-tv-mainWhile this device is limited to Apple’s A8 chip, it does utilize the same GPU tech found in the mobile devices. It also has a major advantage. TONS of games already exist on those mobile devices, and many may be ported to be compatible with this new Apple TV.

This one also seems to be targeting the “casual gamer” on launch, much like Nintendo did with the release of the original Wii. This alone may drive this device into homes, and future updates should see a boost in capabilities.

Regardless of what either of these devices do on launch, mobile gaming is a platform that will see a lot of future development. Many of the console game developers have already made a shift into this market. The trend will follow the cash flow, and the cash flow will follow the ease of access.

There’s also realistic expectation… Neither of these devices will compare to the modern console offerings, but they will eventually surpass them. Tech never stops for nostalgia, and very few of you are still clinging to cassette tapes or 8-tracks.

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