BB-8 by Sphero brings a new hope to Star Wars toys

Yes, you see what we did there. This pun WAS intended.

The new BB-8 from Sphero launched just a few weeks ago, and it is everything we thought it would be. Yes, Shane actually bought one on release day. It’s a good thing too, because it also pretty much sold out on release day.

If you’re not familiar with Sphero, they are a company known for making robotic devices that interact with your smart phones and tablets. This new little ball droid from the upcoming relaunch of Star Wars is a very fitting product for them to offer.

If you missed the initial offering, more are expected in October. We will say though, hold out for the Sphero version. There is another BB-8 toy offering that is radio controlled, but we would expect that one to get a DUI on open roads. It just isn’t the same quality.

As for the one we bought, no we are not keeping it. He will go on to a much bigger purpose. We are giving him away in a raffle, and all proceeds will benefit low income families this upcoming holiday season. We hope he goes to a good home.

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