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Where were you when the world ended?

I’m quite sure most of you reading that title are wondering what I’m smoking. No, this isn’t a pun. This isn’t a humorous article. I’m deadly serious. Sure, the earth still spins, the sun still rises, and we all have … Continue reading

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Staying highly caffeinated is an art form

Some people want just a “plain” cup of coffee. To me, coffee is anything but plain. The magical cherry seed is just as complex as wine, and can host a wide variety of flavors. Cheap coffee, like cheap wine, needs a … Continue reading

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Bracing for Hurricane Joaquin

Hurricane season is on us, and here in South Carolina we have seen a lot of rain preceding this storm. Many areas are already declaring a state of emergency, and the hurricane isn’t even here yet. Enter the Internet humor … Continue reading

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Midnight Syndicate “Christmas: A Ghostly Gathering”

Now available on iTunes and Amazon MP3 Midnight Syndicate’s new haunted Yuletide-inspired dark instrumental album Christmas: A Ghostly Gathering is now available digitally on iTunes, CDBaby, and Amazon MP3.   A new preview track entitled, Night of the Krampus has been released on Midnight Syndicate’s … Continue reading

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Only on Amazon: “The Man In The High Castle”

What if everything you knew was a lie? What if the Axis powers had won WWII? What if the United States of America was divided by the military force of Japan and Nazi era Germany? Based on Philip K. Dick’s award-winning … Continue reading

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AMC’s Fear The Walking Dead

It’s only been a few weeks since AMC premiered the companion series for The Walking Dead, and you know we have been watching. I personally went in with no expectations of the new series, but it has been a pleasant … Continue reading

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Wednesday 13 “Keep Watching The Skies”

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This is some fine ass drumming – no pun intended!

Ok, so there is a pun, or a bun. I’m not sure which. Just know it is completely consensual, and nobody made an ass of themselves in the making of this video.

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The NEW console wars – lightweight, or future heavy hitter?

Next gen gaming is a term that seems to never die. Even as the newest tech releases, there’s always another lurking around the corner. It never ends. Then there’s new entertainment tech… In recent years, televisions have changed. They have become … Continue reading

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BB-8 by Sphero brings a new hope to Star Wars toys

Yes, you see what we did there. This pun WAS intended. The new BB-8 from Sphero launched just a few weeks ago, and it is everything we thought it would be. Yes, Shane actually bought one on release day. It’s … Continue reading

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