Stiff returns October 1, with both middle fingers held high!

There comes a time, when you just have to trim the fat. We have done just that.11182106_762882433827143_3586638388620920006_n

Those of you that have followed us as Stiff Magazine since 2010 already know we have been on a hiatus since the beginning of 2014. So far, we have not offered any explanation as to why, until today.

In October of 2013, something unthinkable happened. I woke up, in the middle of the night, experiencing muscle spasms that took the use of my legs. This was the beginning of months of medical treatment, and needle injections to my spine. It cost me nearly everything, including the job that funded all of my projects. Stiff Magazine and Monstercon are at the top of that list.

Despite the threats to the financial requirements, I pushed on, but I also noticed a vile little monster lurking in the corner. That monster’s name is Ego.

Ego is a fat and bloated little bastard, with a few faces attached to his personality. Ego expected more than he deserved, so I decided to starve him. When Ego violated basic rules of the family, he was reprimanded. Ego was very defiant, and was eventually pushed toward resignation of his positions. Good riddance.

To be very clear, this is not about one person, but a small team of them. Journalistic integrity is something they never knew, and still have yet to learn. Others will soon see them for the greed that drives them, and will also quit feeding the ego monster.

So why are we speaking up now? Simple. The term is betrayal of trust.


On September 5, 2015, a series of images were shared by our Twitter account. These images contained pornographic images, and were not authorized by us, or MonsterCon, LLC management. They did come from a former authorized user’s phone. Since only 2 people were ever authorized to access that Twitter account via iPhone, the list becomes very short on probable suspects. Both are former volunteers.


A little more detail is revealed in the IP search, and narrows the trace to one specific likely person. We will be handing this information over to Charlotte police this weekend, along with a formal report.

Remember folks, while my spine may be jacked up, my middle fingers work quite well. I don’t need much else for typing.

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