Alienware Alpha – Big possibility, or big hype?

PC gaming is not a new concept. It has been around as long as computers have been in homes, and the options are endless. The quality of gameplay compared to consoles can be very impressive with the right combination of graphics cards and processing power, so why is Alienware now pitching to the console market?Steam

At first glance, the Alpha looks like a console. It isn’t. The machine is till a PC, and is prone to all of the glitches known to come with a PC. Within the main operating environment, you’ll also find Steam, ( which can currently be installed to many of the modern Windows, Linux, and Mac OS based machines.

So what makes the Alpha stand out? From what we can see, nothing beyond the plastic case.

After a little digging into the specs of each model, the machine doesn’t really feature anything of real value. Aside from the graphics card, my own 2010 iMac boasts nearly the same specs, and does currently have Steam installed. Current models of my machine would exceed the hardware of even the highest quality model, and I can even install Windows as needed to gain access to other titles that do not currently support Mac OS.

Does it have any benefit to serious PC gamers?

I’d have to say no. It appears to be strictly an attempt to lure in console gamers. Existing PC gamers are very unlikely to be interested, especially those that like to build their own machines. I personally would opt for a higher end PC, and just install Steam.

What about controllers?

Again, it can be done without the Alpha. Xbox 360 controllers are becoming very affordable since the release of Xbox One, and can be used on a home computer.

If you want to enter the world of Steam and PC gaming, do some research. Chances are you’ll find a better value in a machine with more power.

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