Update on the upcoming Graveyard Girls photo shoots

Since the announcement of reviving both Stiff and Graveyard Girls was made less than a week ago, there have been numerous questions about who will be shooting the series. The most specific has been if any of the shoots will be handled by the original creator.

Well, I am here to chime in on this right now…

As much as I would love to do some of these shoots, it is not possible. The original form of this magazine came to an unexpected halt in 2014 following a major spinal injury that nearly took away my ability to walk. Of the 24 vertebrae in the human spine, I have 4 that are at major risk of collapse, and 1 that has already collapsed. I will not be returning to any graveyards in the near future, much less with the weight of camera gear. I’m fortunate to have restored most of my mobility, but this is just not something I can risk doing again.

This concept will remain in hands that are far more capable than my own. Some artists work better with professionals. Others are great with amateurs. I hope you all share the same enthusiasm with them that you have shown me. Announcements will begin soon.

To those of you that asked, thank you. It means a lot to know there’s still people out there that remember what I’ve done.

~Shane 3/19/2015

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