MonsterCon defies the all mighty Wizard World

In a recent announcement by Wizard World, Greenville, South Carolina will be the next location of a show launch for July of 2016. There’s only one problem. There’s already a July show in the upstate of South Carolina, and it is ours!2015plhold

For the last 2 years, MonsterCon has called Greenville home, and announced a move to Gaffney last year following the announcement of a 2015 Wizard World event in Greenville. The show was planned for May, and initially forced another upstate South Carolina event to shift to a March booking. Wizard World has since “postponed” the event for 2016 launch.

MonsterCon has responded via Facebook:

“To answer current speculation on if MonsterCon will still be booking for July in 2016, yes we will. No matter when or where another show books in the upstate of SC, July is still the month we will be booking.”

MonsterCon’s new location in Gaffney is roughly 45 minutes away from Greenville, and will have a major advantage on local promotions compared to the traveling giant. It is also in the process of opening it’s own dedicated venue for MonsterCon as well as other shows.

Wizard World may need to get some boxing gloves for this round.

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