Jason goes soft in reaction to DC’s Batgirl fan reaction

(Authored by those that remain completely anonymous. This article is completely bogus. You know it, and we know it. Please don’t sue us if it hurts your feelings..)

We have been following the news of DC’s Batgirl over the last day, noticing that many fans are not happy with the decision to remove the variant cover for Batgirl #41. The decision was made citing “threats of violence and harassment.”

Fans of the horror world may also be in for a slight shock, as the beloved Jason character may be next in the crosshairs. Historically, Jason has had a high volume of female victims, but perhaps it is time for a change. For this scenario, we have an idea!

Since the series is due for a complete re-launch… Let’s take on this really dumb concept.

Imagine for a moment that the cast of Dirty Dancing joins together for a reunion, only at Crystal Lake! Woah! What???

Jason is there, but not as the deceased child in the water. Oh no. He’s there as a counselor! Following the drowning of his mother in the lake, young Jason joins the camp staff to help sensitive children, or middle-aged adults mourning the loss of Patrick Swayze.

This is sure to be a complete tearjerker. Maybe it’ll happen soon!

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